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Vertical Line Action


NOAA Fisheries announced its intent on June 14, 2011 to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to amend the ALWTRP. NOAA Fisheries hosted a series of public scoping meetings along the east coast. The public had the opportunity to attend the meetings and provide input on the range of actions that should be considered in the EIS.

NMFS is holding public hearing sessions in August and September as an opportunity for public to provide feedback on proposed conservation measures intended to reduce the risk of serious injury and mortality of large whales due to entanglements in vertical lines. Comments on the DEIS are due 9/13/13.

Draft EIS
Please note this document is a draft and contains typos. Specifically, Chapter 3 incorrectly describes the proposed seasonal closures as affecting both gillnet and trap/pot gear.  As noted in Appendix 3-A and thoughout the remaining Chapters of the DEIS this idea was considered but rejected; therefore, the closures are proposed for just trap/pot gear and not gillnet gear. Furthermore, please note that this is only a typo that is limited to Chapter 3.  The analysis supporting Chapter 3 and in other chapters of the DEIS is correct.  This discrepancy will be corrected in the Final EIS".

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