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Welcome to the Stakeholder Engagement Division

The Stakeholder Engagement Division is composed of the Assistant Regional Administrator (ARA) for Stakeholder Engagement and the Greater Atlantic Region’s communications team and the fishing industry outreach team.  The ARA is responsible for public affairs and communications support and fishery industry outreach for the Greater Atlantic Region and represents the Regional Administrator in the mid-Atlantic on a number of issues including liaison with the Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council, coordinating Habitat Conservation Consultations in the mid-Atlantic, coordinating protected resources section 7 consultations, and outreach with stakeholders including the commercial fishing industry and the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.

Regional Communications Team

The Regional Communications Team provides the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office leadership and the Assistant Regional Administrator for Stakeholder Engagement with comprehensive public affairs support and, in coordination with the NOAA Fisheries and NOAA Public Affairs offices, provides staff with editorial and content support and promotes the Region’s and NOAA’s ocean literacy efforts.  The team develops and implements strategies to increase communications and understanding between the agency, our constituents, and the general public.  Team members coordinate outreach and stakeholder events, arrange speaking engagements, design and deploy informational and educational materials, and coordinate special projects that support the agency and its mission.   Internally, the Team designs and maintains a number of communication resources in support of NOAA Fisheries programs administered in the Region.

Fishing Industry Outreach Team

Fishing Industry Outreach Team is comprised of staff members based in strategically located offices in major fishing ports throughout the Greater Atlantic Region.  The team provides in-person advice and support to fishermen and seafood dealers and provides information to the Regional Administrator and others about fishing and attitudes within the fishing industry.  Team members assist seafood dealers and vessel operators and owners with data reporting requirements, in navigating the permitting process and other Agency regulations and processes.  The team also collects biological samples of seafood landed by commercial fishermen for use in fisheries stock assessments. Often the only Agency staff the public interacts with; they provide the general public with fishery information developed by the Regional Communications Team and others through public events and ad-hoc interactions.

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